Open House Notes 2016-03-15

Mt. Rushmore Road Reconstruction 027C
Open House Notes
March 15, 2016

Open House Comments

  • The Open House presentation will be available on the website.
  • Lisa Modrick offered to email Mt Rushmore Road Group Members with any communication regarding the project.
  • If a business would like their logo to be used on their Business Access Exhibit, please email the logo to Debby Heisinger at
  • Terri Bursch suggested if businesses have an entrance in the back to list this on the legend of the Business Access Exhibit.

Questions After Presentation

  • Who should businesses contact for signage? Businesses should contact Jason Baker 605-394-2244 or John Van Beek 605-343-3311, for blue business signs to direct clients to those businesses affected by street closures.
  • When will traffic changes begin? Changes in traffic will begin the week of March 28, 2016
  • What is the “Taxi Service” offered with this project? Reede Construction, Inc. is in negotiations with a local taxi service to provide taxi service to and from businesses whose access is closed. Reede will give out the phone number to call to set up a ride from a designated point to the business along Mt Rushmore Road. More details to come.
  • Will project updates be sent out via email? If you would like to receive project update emails, please contact Debby Heisinger at Ferber Engineering to add your email to the group contact list. 605-343-3311 or
  • Will two side streets be closed at the same time? Side streets may, occasionally, be closed at the same time. Side streets can only be closed for a total of 40 working days during the project. These 40 days will not be consecutive. Jason Baker, SDDOT, explained that this allows a longer stretch of road to be done at the same time for a smoother street and allow the Contractor to set-up work to continue down the street
  • Will left turns be prohibited during construction? Left turns during construction (head-to-head traffic) are discouraged but not prohibited
  • Will this project help with flooding along Mt Rushmore Road? Yes, this project will help with flooding. 70+ inlets will be installed along this phase of the reconstruction project.
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