Pickup Location Moved

Mt. Rushmore Road Reconstruction Special Business Access

The off-site parking/pickup area has been relocated to the west side of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center between Lots C and D adjacent to Mount Rushmore Road and directly across from Central High School’s Activity Center entrance. Any person wishing to access a business within project limits can park in this location and call Rapid Taxi at (605) 348-8080 to arrange for pickup and be transported to the business.

The service is being provided due to limited available parking spaces near businesses in the project work area, and times when “Temporary Pedestrian Access Route” paths are affected by work immediately in front of businesses, shuttle rides will be provided at no cost to persons wishing to access these businesses during their normal operating hours. Reede Construction Inc. has contracted with Rapid Taxi to provide rides to businesses along Mt. Rushmore Road between Kansas City Street and Saint James Street, within project limits, for all persons.

Project information is available at www.mountrushmoreroad.com.New Pick-up site

For questions, the public may contact Debby Heisinger at Ferber Engineering Company Inc. by phone (605) 343-3311 or email@ferberengineering.com.


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