Mt. Rushmore Road Update 2016/09/07

Mt. Rushmore Road Reconstruction Project Update
Project #NH 0016(79)68, PCN 027C
Pennington County

RAPID CITY, SD – Wednesday, September 7, 2016 – Work continues on Mt. Rushmore Road and the adjacent side streets. Surfacing work continues this week on the west side of Mt. Rushmore Road from Saint James Street to Fulton Street. When Fulton Street is closed, business access will be provided from the alley south of Fulton Street. Clark Street access is provided from Ninth Street. The remainder of paving on side streets and alleys on the west side of the project will be done this Friday, September 9.

On Friday, September 9, traffic on Mt Rushmore Road between South Street and Saint James Street will be routed to the new pavement in the southbound lanes and will remain in these lanes through the project limits (Saint James Street to Kansas City Street). Work in the northbound lanes from South Street to Saint James Street will begin with surface removal, including removal of retaining walls and sidewalks along the east side of Mount Rushmore Road.

On the east side of Mt Rushmore Road, surfacing work is being done from Kansas City Street to Columbus Street. Work is being done on water and storm sewer from Columbus Street to South Street. Work on water and sewer in South Street have begun. The northbound lanes from Kansas City Street to Columbus Street are anticipated to be paved later this week.

The project is approximately 48% complete.

Business access on Mt. Rushmore Road will remain open at all times. A “Temporary Pedestrian Access Route” will be maintained through the project limits. Pedestrians are guided through the project on the new sidewalk from Kansas City Street to Saint James Street. There are pedestrian crossings available at Quincy Street, Columbus Street, South Street, and Fairview Street. These crossings may be temporarily removed to allow for installation of water mains and grading.

Motorists are asked to slow down through the work zone and be prepared for: suddenly slowing, merging and stopped traffic, minor delays, loose gravel, uneven surfaces and bumps, as well as construction workers and equipment adjacent to the roadway.

Project information is available at

For questions, the public may contact Debby Heisinger at Ferber Engineering Company Inc. by phone (605) 343-3311 or

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