Mt. Rushmore Road Update 2016/12/15 027C 049F

Mt. Rushmore Road Reconstruction Project Update
RAPID CITY, SD – Thursday, December 15, 2016

Project #NH 0016(79)68, PCN 027C – Work continues on Mt. Rushmore Road and the adjacent side streets. On the west side of Mt. Rushmore Road, between Kansas City Street and Saint James Street, miscellaneous cleanup remains.

On the east side of Mt. Rushmore Road surfacing work continues from Columbus Street to Saint James Street. Clark Street (east of Mt. Rushmore Road) is closed; the access to Clark Street and the alley between Clark Street and South Street is from South Street. The remaining focus is on retaining walls, and sidewalks. The large block retaining wall between South Street and Clark Street is near completion. Work on the concrete retaining walls between Columbus Street and Fairview Street continues. Pedestrian access between Clark Street and South Street on the east side of Mt. Rushmore Road will remain closed until sidewalk and handrail installation is completed in the spring. Temporary Pedestrian Access Routes will be maintained at Fairview Street and South Street.

Traffic will be shifted today, splitting traffic into the southbound and northbound lanes. Southbound traffic will be in the outside southbound lane. Northbound traffic will be in the inside northbound lane. All traffic control between Kansas City Street and Saint James Street is anticipated to be removed by Dec. 21, for the winter. Work on the project will be suspended after Dec. 21, until next spring. The weekly public meetings are suspended until next spring. The project is approximately 95% complete.

Project #NH 0016(84)67, PCN 049F – Construction continues from Saint Francis Street through the Saint Patrick Street intersection. The northbound lanes have been paved. Traffic in this area has been shifted to the southbound lanes of Mt Rushmore Road. The east half of the Saint Patrick Street intersection is anticipated to be opened the first week in January. Work in Saint Anne Street will not begin until January.

Weekly public meetings for this part of the Mt Rushmore Road Reconstruction project (from Saint James Street to Flormann Street) are held each Thursday at 8 a.m. at the Rushmore Hotel.

Business access on Mt. Rushmore Road will remain open at all times. Motorists are asked to slow down through the work zone and be prepared for: suddenly slowing, merging and stopped traffic, minor delays, loose gravel, uneven surfaces and bumps, as well as construction workers and equipment adjacent to the roadway.

Project information is available at For questions, the public may contact Debby Heisinger at Ferber Engineering Company Inc. by phone (605) 343-3311 or

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