Open House Q&A 2017/02/16

Questions and Answers from 049F Open House:

1.       Q.  Are the city’s side street projects complete?

A. Work on Ninth Street is complete. There will be some work done on railroad tracks at West Boulevard this spring.  Work will be done on surfacing & adjusting tracks.

 2.       Q. Is there just one water main on Mt Rushmore Road in this phase?

A.     There is just one water main replacing old in the east half of roadway, except for one block of dual-main between Saint Cloud and Saint James Streets.

 3.       Q. Will driveways to private homes always be accessible?

A.     There will be times when private driveways are closed. Landowners will be notified if/when their driveways will be closed.

4.    Q.     How far into sidewalk/yard will be torn up?

A.      Up to project limits. What is disturbed will be replaced, i.e. sidewalk, seeding, etc.

 5.       Q. Will there be proper notification of water shut off?

A.      Yes, landowners will be notified when water will be shut off for reconnecting services. The reconnections will be short period of time. During the last project there were water main breaks on the old main, which resulted in loss of water/sewer service. With the pipes in the area being so old and brittle, more breaks are likely to occur with this project. There will be procedures in place to address the issue as quickly as possible.

 6.       Q. Can businesses coordinate what time of day the water connection will occur?

A. The city and the contractor will work with businesses to address this.

 7.       Q.  If our water was shut off last time, will it be off this time?

A. There probably will be one or two times it may be off this season as well.

 8.       Q. Where will there be U-turns along Mt Rushmore Road?

A.      Franklin and Fairview

 9.       Q. Is the power move done?

A.      Yes, the power has been moved underground.Existing street lights will come down as new ones go up. The communication poles will be taken down early in project

10.       Q. What is the lifetime of road?

A.      40 to 50 years

 11.   Q. In regard to security along MRR corridor; will there be security cameras or extra lighting?

A.      No cameras are being installed as part of the SD DOT project. Increased lighting levels have been quite an improvement

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